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Onboard the catamarans you can perform endless activities that can be hired or proposed by private groups. Here is a summary of the most successful activities: BBQ and catering onboard, water activities & water sports, live music / DJ, wine and ham tastings, golf fishing, catamaran & Jet ski pack, banana boat pack or crazy-sofa pack.

Food and drinks

The Sensation-BCN boats are perfect to enjoy a pleasant day at sea. We offer our catamarans so you can design the ideal party you have always wanted. The Sensation Catamarans also include a catering service, of course, totally personalized. Our team is made out of competent professionals and experts in this type of events.

Wine and Ham Tastings

With a ham cutter on board the event is rounded off. You can choose between different qualities of ham and shoulder.

The wine tasting masters offer from 3 to 5 wines among a long selection to be chosen by the client. Of course the sommeliers speak different languages ​​to be able to reach all groups according to their nationality.

To practice golf onboard

With golf fishing or golf practice on the boat the participants will be able to learn or practice the swing with an experienced instructor who will help them and will explain the fundamental bases of pitches and golf. The golf balls used are totally environmentally friendly, made with a core of fish food provided by Albus Golf.

Live music & DJ

Live music is one of the most requested activities by our clients as it doesn’t need much planning and there are a wide offer of musicians and it makes your event a lot better.

Water activities

For the most daring groups, with the desire to laugh and unload adrenaline, we offer you the possibility of adding water activities to your charter. The most famous ones are the banana boat, the jet skis or the crazy sofa. Just at the moment when the catamaran is mooring, speedboats bring the equipment of the activity of your choice.

Swim stop and games on board

On the Sensation-BCN catamarans you can dance, eat, drink, laugh, enjoy and play. How long has it been since you had fun like when you were a kid? Our boats allow all our customers to swim in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. But, in addition, the catamarans include a series of games that improve, even more, the experience in the high seas.

Banana Boat
Banana Boat en Barcelona

The Banana Boat is an inflatable banana that crosses the beach of Barcelona at high speed driven by a motorboat. During the 15 minutes approximately that the experience lasts, the participants will have to fight to stay on the banana as long as possible without falling into the water.

Jetski en Barcelona

Renting a Jetski in Barcelona is very easy thanks to Sensation-BCN. If you’ve never driven a jet ski, you can not imagine the adrenaline you get while you speed through the waves. Rent a Jetski for your group, as we have up to 20 jet skis that can sail the waves at the same time.

Crazy Sofa
Crazy Sofa en Barcelona

Give another use to the sofa with this hilarious aquatic activity that you can do with five participants. This experience allows you to enjoy the sea lying on a comfortable six-seater sofa. However, the ride will not be as quiet as it seems, since this inflatable will be dragged at high speed by a speedboat.