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In Sensation, we are experts in holding events. All our boats are perfectly equipped with everything you need for your special celebration. In the bar, we serve the drinks that have been hired for the service. The cups and glasses are made of reusable polycarbonate imitation glass for safety reasons on board. In all the events, a professional waiter of the Catamaran Sensation team, also trained as a DJ, is responsible for serving drinks and selecting the music. All boats have a stereo with a long list of songs of all styles and with connections to use any CD or MP3 device, which can bring a customer with their own music, ideal to adapt to any type of boat event.

As for catering, we work with two companies trained and used to work in boats, offering a wide range that covers from the simplest appetizer to the most elaborate lunch. Of course, paellas are available on board. All boats have a grill where staff cooks Barbecue menus.